Sunday, 29 April 2012

Are Tweedledum and Tweedledee Fit To Run London?

The contest for London Mayor has been an unedifying spectacle of Ken and Boris showing that neither are fit to be Mayor. They both represent aspects of what I termed some time ago ‘The New Corruption’. Not a day goes by that a new exposure of ‘New Corruption’ is not front page media reportage. The two Tweedles have both abysmally failed to ensure the accountability of the Metropolitan Police whose leadership has been found to be up to their eyes in ‘The New Corruption’. They have let the problem of racism continue. In addition to the high profile cases being investigated about racism towards members of the public it now turns out that even Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are not immune from being bullied by police officers and staff as happened over an 18-month period in Wandsworth. As we saw in the August riots the streets are volatile as a result of many people’s experience with the police, especially indiscriminate use of stop and search.  Ken and Boris’s failure to make it accountable makes them unfit to be in charge of the Met after the election on 3 May. Given the world recession there is probably not much any Mayor can do about jobs and unemployment. But what the Mayor can do is to make the Met accountable, seriously tackle racism and the over use of stop and search against black people and ease the tensions on the streets, thereby decreasing the number of tinder boxes which can flare up at any time, like last August’s riots. Only former Brixton Commander in Brixton and senior Scotland Yard officer Brian Paddick has the experience to tackle what I consider is the most significant challenge facing the London Mayor in the next four years. He also has a track record of not being a machine man. But he is tarnished by being a Lib Dem therefore trailing badly in the pre-election polls.

Let’s not forget that: 

(1) The London Mayoral system was forced up Londoners.

(2) It demeans the democratic process as a collective activity by emphasising the alleged benefits of having an individual in charge.

(3) It has been an absolute failure to look after the interests of most Londoners.

(4) Ken L signed up to the continued expansion of London sucking more and more resources into itself mostly for the benefit of the wealthy, developers and corporations. Boris J has continued to do the same and we know see that his Vauxhall, Nine Elms & Battersea Opportuinty Area is just a money making vehicle for developers.

(5) Ken L has foisted unwanted tower blocks on London; Boris J said he was against but continues to approve. He is ensuring that the Vauxhall, Nine Elms & Battersea Opportunity Area will be stacked with them.

(6) Ken L signed up the importance of the City and financial services and ignored warnings about what might happen if there was a crash or recession. Boris J has been no better.

(7) Ken  L signed up to the London Olympics with Londoners paying a heavy share of the cost; escalating costs; diversion of resources from other parts of London; unreasonable demands from the IOC which seems to have more power than even the Government.  Boris J has done little to rein back the idiocy, like the waste of money in building athletes accommodation that will have to then be converted into apartments. It is now just a massive money making exercise for the corporate sponsors.

(8) Ken L signed up to Cross Rail which only really benefits those going between Heathrow and the City at great disruption instead of ensuring that the money was spent on improving public transport especially  in and across South London. Boris J has gone along with it.

The whole governance of London is corrupt in its broadest sense. The City of London remains a law unto itself. The proposed Parliamentary Constituency changes will create ridiculous cross local authority boundaries making it more difficult for MPs to operate and meaning that Constituency Parties have to worry about two local authorities instead of one. MPs and parties will become even more divorced from their communities. Another form of erosion of democracy which will help allow more incompetence and corruption to become embedded.

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