Thursday, 20 April 2017

My history, political and social affairs writings on the internet

I am often asked about what I have published, other than through my publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications, on Croydon Citizen and my blog sites.  

Here are details that can be read on the internet.

  • ·       Politics, Housing, Planning, Regeneration & Utilities

Planning Green Paper (2002 - for bassac):

Housing Needs and Solutions (2002)

Evidence to House of Commons Select Committee

Affordability of Water (2003)

The Threat of Water Price Rises from 2005 (2004)

Community Buildings in Stockwell (2008)

Mutuality and Radical Politics (2009)

Collective action and the sustainable renewal of Britain (2009)

York Rd Library Closure not based on proper needs assessment (2011)

North Battersea Community Audit: Observations (2014),%20WCA.pdf

Croydon Opportuntiy and Fairness Commission (2015)

Submissions on crime, the geography of inequalities, private landlords, annual public health report 2015, fuel and water poverty and energy efficiency, social exclusion and transport, equalities and inclusion.

  • ·       Battersea History

From Exclusion to Political Control. Radical and Working Class Organisation in Battersea 1830s-1918

From Revolution to New Unionism: The Impact of ‘Bloody Sunday’ on the Development of John Burns’ Politics

In History of Riots (2015) (On Google Books)

Battersea and the Foundation of the Worker’s Educational Association

In A Ministry of Enthusiasm: Centenary Essays on the Workers' Educational Association (2003) (On Google Books)

John Archer and the Politics of Labour in Battersea (1906-1932)

In Belonging in Europe - The African Diaspora and Work (2013)
(On Google Books)

Battersea Socialist Women’s Circle

Who was Katherine Low?

Latchmere Estate: Celebrating its 100th Anniversary (2005)

  • British Black History

Paul Robeson’s British Journey

In Cross the Water Blues (2010) (on Google Books)

Black People and the North East

In North East Labour History 2008

Black Poppies: Britain’s Black Community and the Great War
Review of Stephen Bourne’s book.

Black Freemasonry (with Andrew Prescott)

Reflections on Black History Month (2014)

John Archer and the Politics of Labour in Battersea (1906-1932) – as above

  • ·       North East History

Developing Moral and Social Capital in the North East - the contribution of abolitionists (Topic 53)

The Politics of Landscape and Environment in the North East (Topic 54)

Anna & Henry Richardson. Newcastle Quaker Anti-slavery, Peace and Animal Rights journalism (Topic 55)

Reflections on ''The Black Indies' - the North East and Slavery and Abolition (Topic 56)

The Slavery Business and the North East (Topic 863)

All on the North East Popular Politics database:

Black People and the North East (as above)

  • Miscellaneous History

Edwardian Roller-skating

Podcast at

Friends of Labour Loan Societies

Labour in Holborn in the 1930s and 1940s

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