Monday, 22 October 2012

Do go and participate in the Good Neighbour


The Good Neighbour is a new kind of history walk; a piece of street theatre starring the fire that destroyed Arding & Hobbs in 1909,  George Neighbour one of the 12 who died in it,  John Burns as political firebrand, MP, and firefighter, and the rioters and victims of last year’s riots at the Junction. All set within the context of the changes in Battersea from rural farming and marshland  to industrial and post industrial, and the multi-faceted functions of the old Town Hall now Battersea Arts Centre; and lots of music and singing. Adults went down to the Junction and back fortified with umbrellas against the rain and with hot chocolate and Indian nibbles.  Meanwhile back at the Arts Centre children and their parents experienced an indoor tour and activities. The event ended with group singing. A definite must to experience. I will say no more about the detail until after its final performance on 4 November, as there are plenty of imaginative surprises. It was nice to hear inn the script some of the information I provided the production team. It is so imaginative that the approach can be adapted anywhere. To find out more about times of performances etc go to Battersea Arts Centre:  

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