Sunday, 1 December 2013

How Can the Rest of the Riesco Collection Be Safeguarded?

Now that some of the Riesco Collection items have been sold what can be done to protect the  remaining Riesco Collection from further sales.  

A Formal Council Resolution? 


‘In view of the disappointing  result of the auction of some of the Riesco Collection and the wide-ranging concern by residents and others, this Council agrees:

(1)           that it will not approve the sale of any further items from the Collection

(2)           that a resolution the same as in (1) be presented at the first Council meeting      following each set of local elections for approval for the subsequent                  four years

(3)           that the officers consult with interested parties in the heritage and arts            world how to improve the display of the remaining items of the Collection 
               within the context of the historical periods they come from and the links          between Croydon and China through the Eats India Company.

(4)           that some of the proceeds of the sale of Collection items be earmarked to        cover any expenditure arising out of the decisions taken following (3).

(5)           that the officers re-open the previous examination of creating a charitable        trust to preserve the remaining Collection.

A Manifesto Commitment?

There could also be a manifesto commitment not to sell any items in the future by both major parties.


In relation to (3) above a re-presentation of the remaining collection in its historical context is argued for in my blog posting ‘A Radical History Perspective on the Riesco Collection’ at

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